Services at Best Friends - Pet Crematory - Jackson, MS

Best Friends offers our services in a clean, and modern facility. We complement our services and facilities with a caring and compassionate staff that can guide you through the difficult time. We will be there every step of the way and help you choose the best option for you and your pet. Our telephone line is open 24/7 , and will always be ready to help.


  • Animal Cremation
  • Pewter, Brass, Marble & Wood Urns
  • Photograph Urns to Display Your Beloved Pet
  • Memorial Stones
  • Hard Caskets
  • Woven Caskets
  • Environmentally Friendly Urns & Caskets
  • Basic Acrylic Urn Included with Cremation Service
Room of Urns - Pet Crematory in Jackson, MS

Amenities Available

  • Veterinarian Pickup
  • Privacy Room for Pet Owners
  • Pet Owners are Always Welcome to View the Cremation Process
  • Home Pickup Available
  • 24 hour services available
  • Cremation Services for K-9 Police & Military Dogs are Free of Charge
Living Room - Pet Crematory in Jackson, MS

Acrylic Urn Included in Cremation Service Fee

This attractive box included in each cremation fee has a pearl finish and is sealed with a blue ribbon and a gold corporate seal. Many other urn choices are available and we invite you to visit our urn pages to see what we have to offer.
Acrylic Urns - Pet Crematory in Jackson, MS