2001 - 2017

Our baby and funny boy "Simba". You were the perfect kitty. Such a love, always by our side. You were daddy's little shadow. You made us laugh, our little doll, so special. You always greeted us when we came home and just wanted hugs and kisses. So did we. We always got them.

We were one big happy family. We miss you deeply and shed lots of tears. It's not the same around here. We know you are with us and hope you know how very much you are loved. We know you loved us too.

You loved to play and lay in your little bed and sit on daddy's lap and sleep in mommy's arms. You loved visitors and were so friendly. You had the best personality. You always brought us joy.

It's so hard to believe you are not at our feet when we walk through the door. But even though you are not here, your spirit is. You are in our hearts always!