2015 - 2020

You were my first dog and the best dog I ever met. you were so full of energy and love for everyone. I loved watching your antics whether we were out and about or just hanging out inside. you made me laugh every single day. you made me feel so important how you always wanted to be next to me, and how excited you were to see me when I came home. I treasure every moment we had together, playing in the yard, playing tug, fetch or just snuggling, you always brought us such joy. You were a bit crazy when we first met, but you had come so far with training. you looked up to me and I loved the bond we made through our training. you were so smart and quick to learn. sometimes a little too smart for your own good, lol. I looked forward to seeing how you would further mature but we'll never have that chance.
I will forever treasure the adventures that we had together, camping, tubing, boating, all the parks and trails we went on.

I'm so sorry I didnt protect you that night... I knew better but I made a mistake. I wish you were still here baby. I miss you so much.