Fritz FEISTY-heart

2004 - 2022

Born on December 24, 2004 Fritz "Feisty-heart" (appropriately named by 2 year old Rebekah) came into our lives in February, 2005.
On January 16, 2022, Fitz "Feisty-heart" peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge at around 9:30 pm surrounded by his family.

Bek (now 19) was 2 and Jacob and Hannah (now 17) were just a few months old when he joined our family. He literally grew up with the kids, often stepping in to help or hinder me (Jennifer) or Daniel trying to discipline them. Barking at either the kids or us, he always took a side.

He spent 17 good long and mostly healthy years by our side, on our chests, in our faces, laps, under our feet, (I think he tripped every one of us at least a thousand times), in my bed, always loyal, loving, cuddly, and so very sweet. For 17 years he was more than a pet, he was part of our family and he will be terribly missed.