Dolie fancy Dunson

2020 - 2021

Dolie Wolie, I didn't have you long but the time with you was everything. You really understood me . I Miss you so much. I know sometimes I didn't do things right but it wasn't to harm you. You really helped me. I didn't protect you like I told myself. My heart is broken and can't be replaced. You really listen to me. You was soo energetic. Always went an got her balls and was ready for me to throw it and she will go and get it.
She didn't like to be in the kennel or puppitismic.
Some people say she just a dog. May be to others. Dolie was my only child. I don't have kids. So the bond we had was irreplaceable. People say I would be wrong but Dolie knew I wasn't. Dolie really genuine loved me. She was my best friend. I told her everything. She always wanted to sleep with me and had her own room. We stayed into it about my room and bed. Above it all she was BEST ANIMAL. She was so sweet. Even when I got irritated with personal issues and didn't want to be bothered. She still came and layed her head on me. She always wanted me to rub that stomach until her legs would go
Dolie Fancy Rest peacefully. Love & Missing You.
6-21-2020 thru 4-23-2021