2010, 2011?? - August 23, 2019

Coco was the most loving boy. He would follow us all over. He was so silly at times too. He would always want to be touching you and if you stopped petting him he would grab your hand or arm and want you to not stop. You could hug him and hold him without ever letting go and he would be perfectly content. He loved his toys and playing tug of war. He loved wearing clothes. He would try to put them on himself. We will always love him and will miss him greatly. He was a big part of our lives as well as his sister's and brother's.

Coco Puffy you were the light of our lives and will always live on in our hearts! There is no other like you, our sweet, sweet son! We will miss you and always remember the good times we've shared. Always know we love you! Until the day we meet again in Heaven!

Love Always, Mom, Dad, Pandi and Cooper