Chevy Odom

2011 - 2018


I’m sorry I’m just now writing this to you. It’s been a tough time trying to make myself do this, as it solidifies the truth that you are gone. What is true love? It is you greeting me in the morning for your favorite treat, oh how you loved that tasty meat. It was following me around no matter where I went, staying by my side as the hours spent. Laying at my feet on the hard cold floor, helping me to do my nightly chores. It’s the feeling of be safe because you were always near, the way your prescience chased, away my fears. The knowing that, no matter my mood, your playful spirit would make me feel good. The cuddles and toys and games that’d we play would help me relax after a long hard day. And when it would storm you’d search for your dad, to comfort and protect you from all that was bad. Thank you for giving me all of your love. For you my boy was a gift from above. And until we meet on that glorious day, your love and memory on my heart will always stay.

I tell you this has tested my faith and shook me to the core of my being. I’ve really questioned why don’t dogs live as long as we do? Why? Why? Why? The only answer I can come up with is the fact that dogs are a reflection of Gods love. They are born into this world pure of heart and full of love. They are disposed to love unconditionally and loyally. Us humans are not. We have a lesson to learn while we are on this earth. And that is to love unconditionally. My Chevy has been gone for 3 weeks now. I miss him greatly and would give anything to spend one more minute with him. But I know he isn’t suffering anymore and that I will Ben reunited with him in heaven.

I love you bubba! Daddy will always hold your paw print on my heart, forever.