Unknown - 2019

We adopted Buddy almost 11 years ago. He was a stray we adopted from Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue in Destin. He was an adult so we don’t know his exact age. He was underweight and had lost hair on half his body. We nursed him to health and cooked real food for him until his hair grew back. He had a ministry of love for our neighbors, friends and everyone! He has helped so many people through tough times. He LOVED the sound of kids playing. He was a great help in practicing sports with our boys. A real life “Air Bud”. Nearly 5 years ago he was playing soccer and we heard him scream. He “twisted” his ankle. In a matter of days he was at Mississippi State and had a diagnosis of osteosarcoma that carries a 6 mo life expectancy. He had an amputation and rounds of chemo. The cancer never returned. The physical toll of walking with one front leg was horrendous and he eventually lost the use of one back leg and then the other. For the last 6 months of his life, we cared for him completely. He never wanted for a moment He was in no pain and was always joyful. He was the center of our lives-of our home No matter what, we will always say he was a miracle dog that beat bone cancer.

We will always love you and we thank you for how you loved us unconditionally.
Your peeps