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We're Here When You Need Us
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We're Here When You Need Us
(601) 922-5554

Environmentally Friendly Products

Let Your Love Grow

Let Your Love Grow is an organic mixture that allows a plant to be nourished by your pet's ashes. Without this product, a plant would not thrive when combined with ashes. The mixture releases nutrients locked into cremated ashes, allowing them to be taken up by plant roots. In this way your plant becomes something special.

Environmentally Friendly Urns

​You desire environmentally friendly and innovative choices when it comes to creating a meaningful farewell for those you love. These products are designed to be part of a ritual which will bring you comfort while aligning with your values. Eco-friendly caskets can be selected for traditional burials.
Journey Earthurns

The Journey Earthurns are handcrafted from sustainably produced and biodegradable paper. When placed in water they will float briefly and sink, breaking down naturally over time. Journey Earthurns are available in Small, Medium, and Large.
Embrace White Hemp Earthurn

​The Embrace White Hemp Earthurn features a natural hemp covered base and a handmade paper top. Inlaid into the top of this attractive urn is floral material crafted by hand into the shape of a flower.Available in Small, Medium, and Large.
Embrace Autumn Leaves Earthurn

The Embrace Autumn Leaves Earthurn is made from an elegant black handmade paper, inlaid with real red and silver leaves. Available in Small, Medium, and Large.
Scattering Tubes

​Scattering Tubes are designed to simplify the scattering process. The tubes are durable, dignified and simple to use. Each features a convenient removable lid, perforated “push in” tab that opens easily prior to scattering. They contain no metal or plastic components and can be recycled or composted after use. Suitable for “in-cabin” airline transportation.
Willow Caskets

The willow caskets are crafted by hand in small rural cottage environments.They are created from sustainable materials such as fast-growing willow, seagrass and bamboo which does not require heavy machinery for harvesting, giving them a small carbon footprint. The willow plant is fast-growing, making this a very sustainable material which don't require heavy machinery for harvesting, giving them a small carbon footprint. This durable casket has a flat top and attractive design perfect for families that desire a simple farewell for a loved one. The willow casket is fully lined with a natural, unbleached cotton interior, matching pillow and privacy shield. When the casket is buried in the earth it will break down naturally over time.


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